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An Oral History Project

Oral History Project

Canaan has so many stories. And we wanted to capture them. So in late 2017 the library received a generous grant from the Vermont Humanities Council to develop an oral history project. Since then we've been capturing stories on our newly purchased audio equipment just by sitting down to talk. People are telling their stories about growing up, about the closing of the Beecher Falls factory, about World War II, about the Earth People's Park commune. All of the recordings will eventually be archived for long term use.

What you see below are edited clips from each of the recording. We'll add to these as the year progresses and we hear more and more stories. We always need more stories! Please contact us and we can arrange a time to sit down and talk. You can talk about anything (but we especially love to hear about life at the Beecher Falls factory, right now).


I was a Christmas present for my brothers


Don't pee on my tree

When I went to boot camp


When I was four years old I had polio

Canaan marching band coming out of the road to the school

Canaan Schools marching band practice.



I was in Nuremberg after the war


250 people were going to be laid off


We were starting a brave new world


We had a lot more snow back then

Dedication of Canaan Memorial Schools building in Fletcher Park


1946 dedication of Canaan Memorial Schools building in Fletcher Park
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