This is how you do it ... you'll need a device like a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop. If you have trouble, call us.


  • Get your Alice Ward library card number. If you don't have it handy, call us on 802-266-7135. 


  • Click here and type in your library card number in the box. Click login. You are now at the Green Mountain Library Consortium. You'll see something that looks like this ...





















... this is your Bookshelf, where all of your ebooks and audiobooks will be stored. If you ever want to get back here, you can just click on the Account icon. See the above arrow to find this.


  • Okay, let's find a book to download. Click on the Menu icon at the top. The arrow below show you where it is ...



















... okay, now choose what you'd like to find. Audiobook Fiction or Nonfiction? Ebook Fiction or Nonfiction? Kids and Teens? Make your choice by clicking and it will take you to this ...



















... now you can browse for what you want! Now this shows all of the books, even if they're not available because someone else has borrowed them. To make sure you can only see what is available right now, click the words Available Now. See the arrow above to see where this is.


  • When you've found what you want to borrow, just click on the book. You'll see this ...






















... so just click borrow.


  • See where it says Download? Click on that and you can download the ebook as a Kindle Book (if you have a Kindle OR if you have the Kindle app on your phone or tablet - you can download it on pretty much any device) or an EPUB book, which is a kind of file that will work on other reading apps. If it's an audiobook, you can download the files and start listening (it takes a few minutes to download). You can also read the book in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) if you'd rather do that. 




















  • These ebooks and audioboks work just like print books. They have a due date. When the 2 weeks are up (sometimes less, it will tell you when you borrow), they disappear from your app or computer. If you have any questions at all, let us know. We can help you. Bring in your device and we'll talk you through it.






























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