This is our 3D Printer. It's a Lulzbot Mini. We love it.


We bought this with funds from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (thanks folks!). We have been experimenting with different prints (see below for a video of our printer doing this). We have been playing with it in our weekly Maker Club. 


We've been exploring ways to make those designs and where to get them from.


Now it's your turn.


The Lulzbot Mini is now open for public 3D printing to all of our patrons. See below for the details.


Questions? Call 802-266-7135 or email alice.ward.library@gmail.com



  1. Start by creating a free account with the free 3d design website tinkercad

  2. Tinkercad has lots of easy free tutorials.  Click on Learn and take the tutorials under the title Basics. Make sure you know how to create holes in objects to make new shapes. Also make sure you know how to group objects together to make a single object for printing.

  3. Now create a new item. When you're done, download it for 3D Printing as an .STL file.

  4. Email that file to alice.ward.library@gmail.com or come by and use one of our computers to open the file.

  5. We'll print it for you. At the moment it has to be smaller than 8cm x 8cm. Our final policy on this will be along soon. There is no charge for an item smaller than 8cm x 8cm.



Any problems, email Craig at Alice Ward.

Call us:


Find us: 

Alice Ward Memorial Library

27 Park Street, P.O. Box 134

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